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National language support


Recently, several CERN users from non-English speaking countries contacted me to ask whether it would not be possible to set up a text processing system closely resembling that which they have at their home institutes. This would allow them to exchange documents with their home base in an optimal way. This issue is all the more important in the framework of the geographical distribution of the LHC experiments. I therefore invite representatives of such groups to contact me to see which is the best way to proceed in each case, since I am a strong believer in the principle that it is up to the language groups to decide which is the ``localized'' text processing environment which suits their needs in the best way. In particular, I kindly invite input from the Russian (I have an offer from CyrTUG to collaborate in this area), Greek (I already got several requests from this community, but I have no contact person yet), central European, Nordic, Roman, and possible other language communities working at CERN.

Michel Goossens
CN Division
Tel. 3363
Wed Mar 13 09:06:53 MET 1996