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New Book Titles Available at the UCO


The number of books offered at the UCO continues to increase helped by the input of users and as a result of sales. Since the last CNL we have managed to get two new accounts set up, with Microsoft Press and Academic Press.

With Microsoft we will be able to order the manuals available for the respective software products. We have started by making a tentative order for Windows 95 books such as Inside Windows 95, Introducing Windows 95, Advanced Windows 95, etc. We have also ordered books for running the most popular programmes with Windows 95, Word, Excel and Power Point. According to user demand we can enlarge this list.

Arriving in the next weeks are several other interesting titles. A new Addison Wesley book, The Mother of all Windows 95 Books, should be available by the time the CNL goes to Press.

International Thomson publishers have recently acquired Netscape Press so we will have the official Netscape books available. The Netscape Navigator 2.0 book and CD-Rom will feature the software for Mac PC and Unix as well as a very comprehensive manual on the subject, all for well under 50ChFrs we are told.

MacGraw Hill are the official publishers for the Oracle titles and we plan to have a selection of those available in the coming months.

Updates of existing books by O'Reilly will soon be arriving. The Programming Perl book is to be updated to include Perl 5 and the Learning GNU emacs to include version 19. There is also an update of the Encyclopaedia of Graphic file formats.

The complete book catalogue is to be found at the end of this newsletter (see section 8.4). In this list the books added since the last CNL are prefixed with (*).

Please contact me personally if you have suggestions for future aquisitions. New additions are always announced in the cern.computing newsgroup and you can find the complete list of books on the Web at URL:

as well as the purchasing procedures.

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