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UCO Book Catalogue


The books listed below can be obtained from the UCO. Payment for books is possible in three different ways:

The last alternative has been set up for those willing to purchase items from our offering for private purposes or when there is no defined procedure (short-term visitors such as summer students, etc.).

In order to pay the books via paper TID, you must be authorized to sign it or bring one already signed by one of your budget holders. The EDH system is just the production of an electronic TID: the Divisional Secretariats have authorization to enter transactions in this system.

Note that the opening hours of the UCO (Bld. 513/R-052, Tel. 4952) are: Mon. 10.00-17.00 - Tue.-Fri. 9.00-17.00.

Text Processing
PostScript Language Ref. Man. by Adobe
(*) Hooked on JAVA by L.Lamport
LaTeX User Guide (2nd. Edition) by L.Lamport
The LaTeX Companion by Goossens/Mittelbach/Samarin
(*) Portable document format ref manual by Adobe
(*) Using HTML by Savola
(*) The Frame Handbook by Branagan,Sierra
Making TeX Work by Walsh

Text Editors
Learning the vi editor by Lamb
Learning GNU Emacs by Cameron/Rosenblatt
GNU Emacs manual by R.Stallman

Programming languages
The C Programming Language by Kernighan/Ritchie
Fortran 90 explained by Metcalf/Reid
Scientific and Engineering C++ by Barton/Nackman
C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup
The Art and Science of C by Roberts
Design evolution C++ by Stroustrup
C++ Primer by S.Lippman
Advanced C++ prog. styles by Coplien
Design patterns by Gamma,Helm,Johnson,Vliss...
(*) Object solutions by Booch
A Book on C by Pohl
C++ For C programmers by Pohl
Object Oriented Programming C++ by Pohl
(*) Programming with curses by Strang
Programming PERL by O'Reilly
Practical C by Oualline
Learning PERL by Schwarz
Migrating to Fortran 90 by Kerrigan
Learning the Korn Shell by Rosenblatt
(*) C++ The Core language by OReilly,Nye
Applying TRCS and SCCS by Bollinger,Bronson
Using csh and tcsh by Dubois
Practical C++ Programming by Oualline
(*) Learning the Bash Shell by Newham,Rosenblatt
XL Fortran for AIX User Guide by IBM
XL Fortran for AIX Language Ref. by IBM

Understanding networked multimedia by Fluckiger
Unix network programming by Stevens
The Internet Companion by Tracy LaQuey
Firewalls and Internet Security by Cheswick/Bellovin
How to set up world wide web site by Stein
Managing Internet Infomation Services by Liu/Peek/Jones/Buus/Nye
The Whole Internet by Ed Krol
(*) The whole internet for Windows 95 by Krol
Mosaic Handbook for Windows on PC by Koman
Mosaic Handbook for X windows by Koman/Ferguson
Mosaic Handbook for Macintosh by Koman
Building internet firewalls by Chapman,Zwicky
(*) The World Wide Web handbook by Flynn

Panic system crash dump a by Drake,Brown
Sun performance tuning sp by Cockcroft
Solaris implementation by Becker,Morris,Slattery

Unix System Administration Handbook by Nemeth/Snyder/Seebass/Hein
Unix for VMS users by Bourne
Unix for the Impatient by Abrahams/Larson
Advanced Programming In Unix Env. by Stevens
Teach yourself Unix in a week by Taylor
Unix Power Tools by Peek/Loukides/O'Reilly
A Practical Guide to the Unix System by M.Sobell
A Practical Guide to Unix System 5 by M.Sobell
Unix for Fortran Programmers by Loukides
sed & awk by Dougherty
System Performance Tuning by Loukides
Practical Unix security by Garfinkel/Spafford
Managing NFS and NIS by Stern
Power programming with RPC by Bloomer
Essential System Administration by Frisch
make by Oram/Talbott
Lex and yacc by Levine,Mason,Brown
Unix in a Nutshell, system V by Gilly/O'Reilly
Imake by Dubois
Posix.4 Programming for the real world by Gallmeister
Pretty Good Privacy by Garfinkel
Porting Unix software by Lehey
GNU make by Stallman

X Window, tools etc.
The X Window System in a Nutshell by Cutler/Gilly/O'Reilly
Vol 0 : X Protocol Reference Manual by Nye
Vol 1 : Xlib Programming manual by Nye
Vol 2 : Xlib Reference manual by Nye
Vol 3 : X Window System User Guide by OReilly,Quercia
Vol 3M : X Window System User Guide(OSF/Motif) by OReilly,Quercia
Vol 4 : X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming by OReilly,Nye
Vol 4M : X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming(OSF/Motif) by OReilly,Nye
Vol 5 : X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual by Flanagan
Vol 6a : Motif Programming Manual by Heller,Ferguson
Vol 6b : Motif Reference Manual by Paula,Ferguson
Vol 7 : XView Programming Manual by Heller
Vol 7b : XView Reference Manual by Raalte
Vol 8 : X Window System Administrator's Guide by Mui,Pearce
X user tools by Mui,Quercia
Motif tools by Flanagan
X companion CD for R6 by Nye
Programmer's supplement for Release 6 by OReilly,Nye
Expect by Libes

Mac & Pc
Inside Macintosh by Apple Computer Inc.
The mother of all windows 95 books by Leonhard,Simon
(*) Macintosh Programmers Toolbox Assistant by AppleComputer
(*) Network programming in windows NT by Shina
Using Excel 5 for windows by Person,Rose
Using Word 6 for Windows by Person/Rose
The Macintosh Bible guide to word 6 by Langer
Word 6 for Windows essentials by Mandel
The Macintosh Bible + CDROM by Dinucci
Quickstart Excel 5 for windows by Webster
The Little Windows 95 Book by Nelson

Software Packages
(*) Software engineering standards by Mazza,Fairclough
(*) Software engineering guides by Mazza,Fairclough
Mathematica by Stephen Wolfram
The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook by Smith/Blachman
Mathematica for Physics by Zimmerman
Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers by Bahder
(*) A discipline for software engineering by Humphrey
(*) Mathematica quick reference manual by Blachman
Lapack Users Guide by The Lapack Team
Learning oracle forms 4.5 Tutorial
Oracle performance tuning by Corrigan, Gurry
Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Feuerstein
Gphigs V 3.0 by G5G

General Computing
The OnLine Users Encyclopedia (no more) by Aboba
Tcl and Tk Toolkit by Ousterhout
TCP/IP Illustrated Vol.1 The Protocols by Stevens
TCP/IP Illustrated Vol.2 The Implementation by Stevens
(*) TCP/IP Illustrated Vol.3 by Stevens
TCP/IP network administration by Hunt
Encyclopedia of Graphics by Murray,VanRyper

Liste de livres disponibles en français
La programmation sous Unix par Rifflet
Tutorland pour Word 6 par Nicot, Charra
Tutorland pour Excel 5 par Nicot, Charra
LaTeX guide pratique par Rolland

(*) Book added since the last CNL.

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