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Letters from the Editor

``Migration Special - VM Shutdown''

This Computer NewsLetter (``Migration Special - VM Shutdown'') is the last one to be published before the closure of CERNVM. As you will see it contains three special chapters: one on ``VM Migration'' with a description of the rundown procedure and the latest tools which have been migrated, one on ``Mail Issues'', and one on ``Windows 95 Installation at CERN''. This last one is an overview of the complete guide (same title) which has just been published; it has been thought useful to distribute the main information to a wide audience as a lot of users may decide to use the PC as their replacement platform for CERNVM.

This is the last issue of the CNL whose master copy is produced in LaTeX. Following the trend in electronic publishing, starting with the next issue of the CNL (224), the master copy will be in HTML. Therefore contributions in HTML will be preferred, although plain text and LaTeX mark-up is also acceptable.

I am pleased to announce that the new lists for paper registration (inside and outside CERN) are now operational. However, due to the CERNVM shutdown, the paper version will again be distributed exceptionally to a larger audience than usual inside CERN, i.e. taking the new list of people who registered plus the distribution scheme used for the ``Weekly Bulletin''. For the future, please note that it is still possible to register to receive the paper version of the CNL at a given address (inside or outside CERN) by filling in the form which is on the Web at URL:

Nicole Cremel CN/ASD, CNL editor

Michel Goossens CN/ASD, Technical co-editor

``Computing for Engineers'' Newsletter - Future Issues

  Ludwig Pregernig CN/CE

This is your invitation to contribute to ``Computing for Engineers'', the newsletter for the engineering community from CERN and collaborating institutes.

The deadlines for the next issues are:

20 September 1996 for Issue 21, and
10 January 1997 for Issue 22.

For issue 21, we plan a feature section on electronic design automation, discussing such topics as top-down design methods (``From the specification to the finished product: reality or a dream that won't come true?'') and, in a more general context, archiving and reviving designs (``Nice reality or a nightmare?''). The preferred formats for contributions are:

If you use these formats, you help us simplify the production process. But contributions in other formats are of course welcome as well.

Please e-mail your contribution to:

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Michel Goossens
CN Division
Tel. 3363
Thu May 30 20:08:07 METDST 1996