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New Mail Related Features in the Computer Centre DataBase (CCDB)

  Genny Ferran CN/ASD

A new version of the program userreg used by Group Administrators to register users in the Computer Centre Database, CCDB, was introduced recently. Administrators were informed of the new features, but it might also be useful for users to know about some of the new features now available.

Service Users

For people needing either an account or a mail address to be associated with a service function (e.g. an experiment that prefers its production accounts to be owned by say Atlas.Production rather than a specific individual, etc.), the group administrator can create a user of class 'SU' (for Service User) who will have an existing `normal' person (class 'GU') as the person responsible. The name of the Service User should be chosen carefully so that it is meaningful. The important parameters - such as the signing of the Computer Registration form and the super computer restrictions - are taken from the real owner whose identity must be specified at registration time (but can be changed on request at the UCO). A `generic' mail address of such a Service User would then, taking the example above, be (Firstname.Surname as for normal users).

Mail Alias change

The rules for entering/modifying a Mail Alias (used to build the generic mail address) have been relaxed. While it is in general of the form Firstname.Surname, the part `Firstname' is not checked and the part `Surname' for a composed name can be any combination of parts of the surname.

example: John MACHIN TRUC could have as his alias: John.Machin.Truc or John.Truc or J.Machin, etc., providing it is unique.

For names with a difficult spelling, the users should ask the UCO for a more appropriate alias. In the case of implicit creation of a MAILSERV account, the Mail Alias is given automatically but can be changed later.

Private hosts for MAILSERV and Listbox

If the user is using MAILSERV for his/her electronic mail i.e. his/her preferred e-mail address is of the type, then his/her group administrator can enter a list of PRIVATE Unix workstations (host names) from which the user is likely to read mail. This will allow authentication of the user who will then not have to provide a password each time (s)he wants to access his/her mail from a private workstation. For the Listbox service, these host names will enable the identification of a user who sends mail to a Listbox list.

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