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BITNET E-mail Addresses

  Olivier Martin CN/CS

A consequence of the scheduled end of the CERNVM service on 30 June is that CERNVM will stop being directly reachable from BITNET/EARN hosts still using native BITNET/EARN style addresses such as user@CERNVM or user@CERNVM.BITNET, which, fortunately, are not very common any more.

CERNVM users will, however, continue to be reachable for some time from BITNET/EARN sites as ``user@CERNVM.CERN.CH'' (see also ``VM ghost'' plan in section 3.1.1) but should make all possible efforts to make their new preferred electronic mail address known outside. This is obviously particularly important for distribution lists (see previous article).

Conversely whereas the vast majority of BITNET/EARN sites are accessible through classical Internet style addresses, there are still some BITNET/EARN only sites that will only be reachable through Internet/BITNET gateways such as DEARN, HEARN, GUMNCC in Europe.

From inside CERN, addresses such as user@host.BITNET will continue to be handled by the central mail gateway(s) such that the user does not need to bother about which Internet-BITNET/EARN gateway should be used.

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