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Cabling, Routing and Webbing

  Brian Carpenter CN/CS

The structured cabling project is advancing well, with more than 5000 outlets installed and cabled, and more than 1800 users already connected. At the same time, the conversion to a routed network has made a good start, with the entire Computer Centre and several buildings converted so far.

A structured, routed network requires systematic administration. It is therefore increasingly important that users make all requests for new or moved Ethernet connections exclusively via the dedicated World Wide Web interface. Otherwise, the network database will be out of date, and in many cases the workstation concerned will not work properly in consequence.

A new release of this interface has just been installed, with added features and the correction of all known problems. The URL is,

and links from that page lead to detailed explanations of structured cabling and routing (updated and expanded from those published in CNL 220 and 221).

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