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UCO Book Catalogue


A large variety of books can be obtained from the UCO. The full list is available on the Web at URL:

Payment for books is possible in three different ways:

The last alternative has been set up for those willing to purchase items from our offering for private purposes or when there is no defined procedure (short-term visitors such as summer students, etc.).

In order to pay the books via paper TID, you must be authorized to sign it or bring one already signed by one of your budget holders. The EDH system is just the production of an electronic TID: the Divisional Secretariat have authorization to enter transactions in this system.

Note that the opening hours of the UCO (Bldg. 513/R-052, Tel. 4952) are: Mon. 10.00-12.30 13.30-17.00 - Tue.-Fri. 9.00-12.30 13.30-17.00.

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