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CoSAC - Computational Structural Analysis Committee

  Bertrand Nicquevert PPE/ATI

A year ago, the CAEC (Computer Aided Engineering Committee) decided to create a subcommittee in charge of the structural analysis software (mainly ``Finite Elements Analysis'' software), of which I am the convener.

The CoSAC advises the CAEC on topics related to structural analysis, and helps users (newcomers or experienced users) in the choice, installation and use of the best tool for his/her problem. It also provides contacts between users. Three pieces of software are officially supported by the CoSAC and CAEC (in the sense that licences are paid, that CN-CE group gives computing support, and that some user coordination is provided). These applications are:


This is a very powerful tool, not easy to use but really versatile. It should be used for the most difficult and unusual problems of mechanics, fluids, electromagnetism, thermics, and many other fields. (For more information, please contact H. Gerwig/PPE or R. Valbuena/EST.)

It is the well-known standard software. It is not too difficult to use and rather powerful. This is the best compromise between user-friendliness and power. (For more information, please contact A. Catinaccio/TIS or J. Salminen/LHC.)

It is a nice tool, using the p-element technology and the so-called geometric elements. This avoids having to re-mesh after every change in geometry. This application is powerful in particular at the predesign stage, and can be used for the most current types of analysis. (For more information, please contact F. Butin/PPE.)

For information on how to get an access to each of these from your platform, please contact M. Guijarro/CN.

A few other programs are used at CERN. They are not supported and, for ease of use and exchange of data, the use of one of the above three is strongly recommended.

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