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Letter from the Editor

As we could have expected the contributions for this CNL are less numerous than for the two previous issues (''MIGRATION SPECIAL''). However we still have important news in many different areas.

This is the first issue of the CNL whose master copy is produced in HTML. Consequently the interactive access to the CNL on the Web will be speeded up, whereas the paper version may take more time. Also, the new lists for paper registration (inside and outside CERN) will be taken into account. For the future, please note that it is still possible to register to receive the paper version of the CNL at a given address (inside or outside CERN) by filling in the form which is on the Web at URL:
or to cancel this registration at URL:

N.B. To find out if you are already registered send a mail to

Nicole Cremel CN/ASD, CNL editor
Michel Goossens CN/ASD, Technical co-editor

``Computing for Engineers'' Newsletter - Future Issues

  Ludwig Pregernig CN/CE

This is your invitation to contribute to ``Computing for Engineers'', the newsletter for the engineering community from CERN and collaborating institutes.

The deadlines for the next issue is:

10 January 1997 for Issue 22.

The preferred formats for contributions are:

If you use these formats, you help us simplify the production process. But contributions in other formats are of course welcome as well.

Please e-mail your contribution to:

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