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Letter from the Editor

We will just take the opportunity of this "Letter from/to the Editor" section to wish you, at this period of the year,

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Nicole Cremel CN/ASD, CNL editor
Michel Goossens CN/ASD, Technical co-editor

Letter to the Editor

You did not ask me but I hope you will acknowledge the following anyway. I have read the CNL for as long as it exists now and the change of the PostScript version from LaTeX to Netscape has led to significant loss of markup, structure and readability. I have been much more pleased with the LaTeX Version, as it also provided the former HTML version. As I do a comparable job myself I would prefer submissions in LaTeX to any other and I would like to know why you changed it for the worse.
With my respect,
Claus-Peter Rückemann.

Dear Mr. Rückemann,
We did not exactly change the PostScript version of the CNL ``from LaTeX to Netscape'' but more precisely the preferred markup language from LaTeX into HTML. The reason for this change, as explained in our ``Letters from the Editor'' section in CNL 223, is that it follows the trend in electronic publishing: more and more contributors were sending articles marked-up in HTML for publishing on the Web. As an increasing number of our readers also use the Web to access the CNL, and, possibly, print only a few pages in their domain of interest with the ``print'' command provided by their Web browser, we decided to emphasize the HTML version of the CNL for the Web. The automatic conversion tools from HTML to LaTeX and back are not yet very powerful, and a lot of hand work still had to be done to provide the two versions (Web and LaTeX). Having decided to move to HTML, we even thought that it might not be necessary to provide a PostScript version. But, as a few users (about ten), for various reasons, were complaining about the lack of a PostScript version we decided to provide the PostScript automatically generated by Netscape with as little hand-work as possible. We must say that all users who read this PostScript version were happy with it. Also we hope that this automatically generated PostScript version will be improved in the future, with new tools that may appear on the market. We must say that you are raising the eternal issue that does not have an easy answer: it is impossible to reach the same quality level in the representation of a document to be viewed on a computer screen as one to be published in printed form. These two media are completely different. The CNL is a vehicle for distributing up-to-date information fast, so that a timely distribution, with as little hassle as possible for the authors, who retain control of their contributed pages, is more important than layout on the printed page. We went for a compromise, which minimises work and optimises usefulness. I hope you will understand our point of view.
Best regards,
Nicole Cremel (Editor).
Michel Goossens (Technical editor).

``Computing for Engineers'' Newsletter - Future Issues

  Ludwig Pregernig CN/CE

This is your invitation to contribute to ``Computing for Engineers'', the newsletter for the engineering community from CERN and collaborating institutes.

The deadlines for the next issues are:

31 January 1997 for Issue 22.
10 May 1997 for Issue 23.

The preferred formats for contributions are:

If you use these formats, you help us simplify the production process. But contributions in other formats are of course welcome as well.

Please e-mail your contribution to:

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