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Garfield Version 5.36 - Overview of Modifications

  Rob Veenhof, CEA Saclay

CELL section:

In view of the modifications in the OPTIMISATION section, a new command, GRAVITY, and further arguments in the ROWS listing, have been added. As a result, compact format cell datasets written by earlier versions, should be re-created.


The initialisation of the susceptibility of the gas and the wires has been made consistent with the description in the manual. The computation of the B-field in periodic cells has been corrected.


The FORCES instruction has been further improved. It now computes the profile of a wire, taking the dependence of the forces on the wire displacement, and also the gravitational force, into account. In addition, the instruction can now deal with certain types of collective wire movement. The format of this statement has changed: consult the help file for information.

FIELD section:

A type mismatch in the MULTIPOLE command has been corrected. The command now also prints the 0th order term.

Plotting of the distortion of the magnetic field, due to the difference in susceptibility of the wire material and the gas, used to be disabled by mistake; this has been corrected now.

An option, KEEP-RESULTS, has been added to the CHECK command to save the surface field in a matrix.

GAS section:

An improved estimate of the end-point for the integration of the electron energy distribution functions when using Magboltz. A further overflow protection has been introduced in the calculation of the transverse diffusion coefficients.

The warning on non-convergence issued by the routines that compute the transverse and longitudinal diffusion in Magboltz is now only printed if debugging has been requested. The non-convergence is genuine, but the back-up method to calculate these quantities seems to function satisfactorily.

Correction in the gas table plotting routine to handle cases correctly where both the Townsend and the attachment coefficient are uniformly zero.

DRIFT section:

The SINGLE command didn't return the attachment coefficients correctly. The command has been fixed.

The ARRIVAL instruction now accepts an option KEEP-RESULTS to save the x(t) relation as a set of matrices.

SIGNAL section:

The number of sampling points in the signals can be chosen by the user via the RESOLUTION keyword.


Cell layouts can now also be plotted on a logarithmic scale and the PLOT_TEXT and PLOT_AREA procedures now respect logarithmic scaling.

Formulae and calls:

Various procedures have been added: Some procedures have been modified, for instance PLOT_LINE now accepts an option SMOOTH to plot a smooth line through a set of points.

Datasets and input / output:

To access the on-line help file from computers on AFS, one no longer needs to have the garfield.packlib soft link.

On UNIX systems, the shell used for executing UNIX commands is now by default set to the shell from which Garfield was started. A shell can also be selected explicitely by the user using the SHELL command. The best place to put this command is probably .garfinit.

Global options:

No changes.


No changes.


Users are reminded that the on-line help is more detailed than the manual.

The Garfield manual is available at URL:, for the HTML version,
and at URL:, for the PostScript version.

A set of examples can be found at URL:

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