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HEPiX X11 Scripts & fvwm2

  Lionel Cons CN/DCI (for the UMTF/X11 Working Group)

A new version of the HEPiX X11 scripts (3.2) is now installed at CERN on all major services. It should be backward compatible with the previous version while being much more flexible. It also fixes all the known bugs.

For more info on the HEPiX X11 scripts, you can browse under

As a side effect, you can now easily use the version 2 of the recommended window manager fvwm; you just have to put in your  ~/.hepix/xprofile  something like

 HX_WM="fvwm2 -prepare"
The  -prepare  switch starts a preparation script similar to the one used currently for fvwm version 1. To customise it, you should create a file named  ~/.hepix/wm/fvwm2_configuration  with your changes.

More information about fvwm2 and the conversion of the configuration files from version 1 to version 2 can be found in the Web under

The support of fvwm2 is currently only partial. We are still testing the robustness of this new version. All users are welcome to try it (at their own risk!). Comments should be sent to: