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Change of CERN Program Librarian and Creation of LHC++ Librarian

  Tony Osborne CN/ASD

Effective from the release of CERNLIB 97a, foreseen for late January 1997, Ian Mclaren will become the CERN Program Librarian for the current FORTRAN-based CERN Program Library (CERNLIB). Ian has long been a vital member of the CERNLIB team and has thus many years of experience in this area of work.

This move will permit the current CERN Program Librarian, Jamie Shiers, to concentrate on two key activities for the future C++-based, Object Oriented replacement of CERNLIB, LHC++. Jamie thus becomes the first LHC++ Librarian and as such will be responsible for the coordination of the software components of LHC++. He also retains his role of Spokesman of the LCB RD45 project. I would like to thank him, on your behalf, for his management of CERNLIB during the past three years, during which time he has very successfully led the effort to improve the quality and reliability of CERNLIB and its surrounding software process. As well known to many of you, he has been instrumental in the creation of LHC++ and is ideally placed to continue this work.

I have every confidence that Ian Mclaren will very ably lead the continued support for CERNLIB, which although now is in maintenance mode, nevertheless still represents a significant amount of work. He will also participate in the LHC++ effort.