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New Opening Hours of the User Consultancy Office

  Miguel Marquina CN/DCI

We have been operating our Informatics Desk at building 513 for over a year under the present timetable, that is with its opening at 9:00, a lunch break of one hour (12:30-13:30) and its closure at 17:00.

We have observed that our interventions tend to increase towards the end of the afternoon, while the beginning ( 13:30-14:00 ) is relatively calm. In order to improve the availability of our service, we have agreed in our team to shift the afternoon desk timing by half an hour later as of next year.

Therefore our timetable is the following as of January 4th 1997:

         Mon          10:00-12:30      14:00-17:30
         Tue-Fri       9:00-12:30      14:00-17:30

The first hour on Monday morning is reserved, as up to now, for our weekly service meetings.