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The Centrally Operated RISC Environment (CORE) is the collective name for the physics data processing services offered by the CERN Computer Centre.

CORE Service Page


The aim of the Central Simulation Facility (CSF) is high capacity, low cost computation for physics event simulation.

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The Scalable Heterogeneous Integrated FaciliTy (SHIFT) was developed, starting in 1990 to provide batch computing services on inexpensive RISC processors, with fast access to large amounts of disk data, and good tape support.

SHIFT Service Page

The PArallel RISC system 6000 Cluster, for Engineering and Accelerator Physics applications, is part of CERNSP.

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The Parallel Interactive Analysis Facility (PIAF) provides a data-parallel environment for the PAW Physics Analysis Workstation system for interactive analysis of physics ntuples.

Service Page (provided by PDP group)
PIAF Home Page (provided by ASD group)


HP Public Login UNIX Server

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The Digital UNIX Public Login Server

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...Work Group Servers

A Work Group Server is a cluster of one or more UNIX workstations providing an interactive computing platform for users associated with a particular experiment or CERN group.

CERN's Work Group Servers Page


The CERN SP2 is an IBM 65 processor, UNIX-based system. It provides a general purpose service for interactive users, batch execution and parallel applications.

CERN SP2 Service Page


The Meiko CS2 computer is a distributed memory scalable parallel system using SPARC micro-processors and a smart interconnect which enables programs to read and write memory in remote nodes without context switching.

The Meiko CS2 and the GPMIMD2 Project


CERN has chosen ORACLE as the standard Relational Database Management System. The Central Database Support in the IT Division takes care of distributing this software, of providing advice and first line support and of the administration of some databases of general interest.

Central Database Support Home Page


Since 1991, CERN has supported an integrated environment for all the PC users at CERN, which has been called the "Network Integrated Computing Environment" (NICE).

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