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Letter to the Editor

The HEP Network Resource Center at Fermilab maintains a list of physics newsletters published by institutions worldwide. The list is located at:

The CERN Computing Newsletter is included on that list. Would it be possible to include a short sentence or paragraph announcing the existence of this page in an issue of your newsletter? We want not only to promote the newsletters and periodicals that are already on the page, but also to encourage other publishers to include their newsletters on it.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely,

Marcia Knauf
HEP Network Resource Center at Fermilab

Dear Marcia Knauf,
I am taking advantage of this "Letter to the Editor" section to put your message, and consequently publicize the link you are mentionning.
Best regards,
Nicole Cremel (CNL editor).

``Computing for Engineers'' Newsletter - Future Issues

  Ludwig Pregernig CN/CE

This is your invitation to contribute to ``Computing for Engineers'', the newsletter for the engineering community from CERN and collaborating institutes.

The deadline for the next issue is:

10 May 1997 for Issue 23.

The preferred formats for contributions are:

If you use these formats, you help us simplify the production process. But contributions in other formats are of course welcome as well.

Please e-mail your contribution to:

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