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Book News from the UCO

  Roger Woolnough IT/DCI

Since the start of the year we have received several new books as well as updated versions. Linux books have been very popular and unfortunately the CD-ROMs for this quickly went out of stock and I have not been able to get the new version for several weeks. Hopefully, by the time the CNL is published, it will be in stock once more.

Several books have new editions: these include ``Javascript'', ``Oracle Performance Tuning'', ``C++ Programming Language'' (Stroustrup), and ``How to setup and maintain a WWW site''. Soon to arrive is the new version of ``sed & awk''.

New books received since the last CNL are:

We will be pleased to hear from users who have information on new books or suggestions for new titles.

N.B. The complete list of books can be consulted on the Web at URL: