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Problems with Netscape/PC as Mail Agent

  Miguel Marquina and Raul Ramos-Pollan IT/DCI

The current versions of the Netscape browser available on NICE (2.01 Gold and 3) show up a problem when used as Mail Agent. Namely, storing the mail folders on volumes based on Novell servers (such as J:) confuses Netscape and makes it believe that the MAIL session is established while in reality it is not. The symptom is that all folders appear as empty.

For this reason, and also because POP3 (used by these versions of Netscape) is not the recommended mail protocol to establish sessions with the central MAILSERVer, Netscape/PC is currently not recommended to be used as mail agent.

You have two alternatives for accessing your mail on the MAILSERVer:

  1. Use `PC/Pine for Windows' at `More Applications' - `Communications' from your Start Menu.

  2. Store your mail folders on your local C: disk (the default configuration provided by Netscape, in C:\W95\netscape\mail).

You must be however aware that opting for the second alternative leaves your mail at risk since the local C: disk is not backed-up. In this case it is up to you to make periodical copies of your mail folders to the backed-up NICE areas.

We would like to thank the NICE Team for having identified the origin of the problems described above, and worked on finding a solution.