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HP-PIAF Service Shutdown

  Dino Ferrero Merlino IT/ASD

As announced in the last CNL, the HP-based PIAF service has now been replaced by a new instance running on the Meiko CS-2 parallel machine. Users data have already been copied to the CS-2 and PIAF users are strongly urged to move to the new system as soon as possible. The final shutdown of HP-PIAF will take place on March 15th, when all logins to that service will be disabled.

The PIAF accounting policy will change as well so that group administrators, who manage their group's accounts, can better understand who is using which service. While in the past all users having a CORE account could work on HP-PIAF as well, from now on PIAF will be managed exactly as any other central service, that is, new users will have to ask for a PIAF account in order to use the CS-2 instance and such an account will be managed according to the standard rules. We have already created PIAF accounts for all CORE users who connected at least once during 1996/97. All computer groups have the necessary authorisation in USERREG to use the PIAF service.