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The End of AFSmail

  Judy Richards IT/DIS

When the central mail server became available for general use in spring 1996, we announced that we planned to phase out AFSmail. The time for doing this is now set for the beginning of August. (The exact date, not before July 31st, will be fixed as a function of the holidays of the people directly concerned.) Moving from AFSmail to the mail server is very straightforward and you will hardly notice any difference. Instructions on how to do this have been sent to all users who still had afsmail as their preferred e-mail address in April and are currently being sent again. If you are an AFSmail user and haven't received them, you can find a copy at URL:

When the AFSmail service is stopped, mail addressed to will be forwarded to the user's MAILSERVer account, or, in case they don't have one, to the preferred e-mail address of the AFSmail account's owner.