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ASISwsm Replaces ASISUpdate

  Stéphane Gouache IT/DIS

On Tuesday 27th of May 1997, as previously announced in the newsgoups concerned, the obsolete ASISUpdate tool for managing workstations was replaced by the new ASISwsm (ASIS Workstation Manager).

ASISwsm has been successfully used on most of the CERN machines taking their software from the ASIS copy on AFS since March 17th. The switch to ASISwsm had already happened smoothly for all workstations using ASIS as a feature of SUE.

Therefore, we have decided to complete our migration to ASISwsm for all the remaining workstations still explicitly referring to ASISUpdate - for instance in their crontab for ASIS users on NFS.

Workstation administrators still using the obsolete ASISUpdate will receive an e-mail informing them about the change they should perform. They are invited to contact if they experience any problems related to the upgrade.

Additional information about how to use ASISwsm and its associated Tkwsm user-interface can be found on the Web in the ASIS User's and Reference Guide at URL: