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Desktop Infrastructure Services Group

  Alan Silverman, DIS Group Leader

As of the beginning of June, the basic systems support of all CERN desktop systems (PCs, MACs, UNIX workstations and X terminals) is covered by the activities of a new group in IT Division, the Desktop Infrastructure Services Group.

The group is made up of those parts of the old DCI group which supported UNIX and NICE combined with the PC/MAC Shop and some other PC specialists coming from IT/CE Group.

Apart from the day-to-day support of the various desktops around the Laboratory, the group manages certain general services such as News, the central Mail Service, the VXCERN service, etc. The new group will also play a leading role in the establishment of a central mail system and in the formation of a lab-wide architecture for Windows NT.

The mandates of the new group and its individual sections are currently being finalised and more information about the group will be published via the Web in due course.