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Forwarding of CERNVM Mail to End

  Judy Richards IT/DIS

CERNVM was switched off on June 30th 1996. The VMGHOST which has been faithfully forwarding mail still addressed to CERNVM users will be stopped at the end of the year. From an initial traffic of 2000 mails per day, this has gradually reduced to 300-400. Of these, more than half come from mailing lists and in many cases the recipients have tried, and failed, to get their addresses removed or corrected. This nevertheless means that there are still 100-200 mails a day that appear to come from "genuine people". So if you have correspondents that are still using your CERNVM address (and you see this quite clearly from the banner that is pre-pended to your mail) please make a strong request to these people to update your address. You are of course recommended to give your address in the generic form

When the VM ghost is stopped, mail sent to CERNVM addresses will be returned to the sender or, if we can identify it as coming from a list, will simply be discarded.