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General Procedures for Repair of NCD X-Terminals

  Alan Silverman IT/DIS

  1. When an NCD user has an X-terminal which requires to be repaired, he/she should contact IT/DIS X-Terminal Support (electronic mail:, telephone - 76478) and arrange to bring the broken terminal to IT (Building 31, room R-011) or make a rendezvous with X-Terminal Support to collect it. The NCD user will have to give the following information :
    - Exact type and location of terminal.
    - Serial number of the terminal.
    - Problem description.
    - Name, phone number and how to contact the owner.
    - Budget code and name of the owner of the code.
    If required, he/she may borrow a spare X-terminal while his/hers is being repaired, subject to availability.

  2. IT/DIS X-Terminal Support will prepare the shipping papers and then call the repair company to collect the terminal. They will provide the repair company with the information listed above and the repair company will give a call reference number to the IT/DIS X-Terminal Support team.

  3. The repair company will pick up the broken terminal within 2-3 working days. They will return the repaired terminal to IT within 10 working days together with a paper listing the work done and time taken ("Fiche d'Intervention").

  4. IT/DIS X-Terminal Support will then arrange to deliver and re-install the repaired terminal for the user, recovering any loan.

  5. The repair company will send the final bill to CERN for payment by IT/DIS Group.

  6. IT/DIS/UNIX Support will then issue an internal charge (TID) to the user for the repair.

Cost of Repairs

There is a fixed cost for particular repairs, details from IT/DIS X-Terminal Support (e-mail

Warranty Repairs

That is, repairs required within one year of purchase: the broken terminal must be shipped back to an official NCD repair center and the shipping charges for dispatch paid by CERN (the IT/DIS X-Terminal service will handle this but the cost will be charged to the user). Return shipping charges are paid by the repair centre (NCD).

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