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The UCO Reference Cards - Current List

  Jason Oh IT/User Support

The list is compiled regularly at URL:

Computer Registration Documents

   01 CERN Computer Centre User Registration (GU/SS)
   02 CERN Computer Centre User Registration (OU)
   03 CERN Computer Center User Registration (Super Computer)
   04 Request for Account Modification/Deletion
   05 Reglement revise pour l'utilisation des service informatiques au CERN
   06 Revised rules for use of computing facilities at CERN

Electronic Mail

   07 Using QuickMail at CERN
   23 Intro to Pine
   24 Migrating from MAIL/VM to pine
   29 Pine Key Reference for VM mail users
   50 Cross Reference for Mail Services at CERN

Text Processing

   20 Include ps and eps files into LATEX

Text Editors

   15 vi editor
   16 pico editor
   17 Emacs mini reference
   30 Emacs and vi Commands for VM/XEDIT Users
   34 GNU Emacs reference card

Programming Languages

   22 SQL Basic introduction


   08 Submitting a batch job on the SP2
   09 Should I have a dot ('.') in my PATH
   10 Customising your shell - zsh specific
   11 Customising your shell - tcsh specific
   12 Customising your shell - zsh options
   14 Unix Introduction
   25 AFS Reference
   33 Unix Commands for VM and VMS Users
   41 UNIX News Reader Survey


   18 xdvi and ghostview
   21 NCSA mosaic
   28 Lynx browser

Software Packages

   26 EDH (French)
   27 EDH (English)


   31 VAX/VMS Card


   13 UNIX connectivity from Falco terms
   19 make command
   35 CMZ refcard
   36 Zephyr Messaging Service for Unix Users
   37 Falco infinity/Setup du terminal
   38 Falco 5220e setup du terminal
   39 Importing CERN Computer Equipment into France
   40 Obtaining and Configuring a Modem to Connect to CERN from Home
This list was compiled on: Wednesday, 28 May 1997 16:09.

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