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Changes in VMS Support Staff

  Judy Richards IT/DIS

For as long as the VMS service in the Computer Centre has existed, Christiane Letertre has been a key member of the VMS support team and in recent years has been the System Manager of the VXCERN service. After many years of loyal and much appreciated service to the CERN computing community she is taking retirement. People with long enough memories should remember the vital role she played in system support on the CDC 7600 before starting to work with VMS. If you are a user of the CERN Program Library, you have probably seen her name as author of some of the subroutines in the Kernlib portion of CERNLIB which date back to the 1960s! So, it is with many thanks for all her years of valuable service to CERN that we wish Christiane a long and happy retirement.

We take this occasion also to introduce her replacement as System Manager for the central VMS services. In collaboration with L3, this role will be taken over by Tami Kramer, who has already been working with Christiane for a number of years and we wish her well in this task. As before, if you need to contact the VMS support staff, the best way is to send an e-mail to

By using this address, you can be sure that your mail will be seen, even when Tami is absent.