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DATIME and the Year 2000

  Ian Mclaren IT/ASD

The subroutine DATIME is probably one of the most heavily used components of the CERN Program Library and is also used as the base for other date and time routines both in Cernlib itself and in user applications. Its documentation is misleading in that it documents the year as 19xx. In the year 2000, the current version will return different values depending on the operating system and some of them will be wrong or unsatisfactory.

CALL DATIME(ID,IT) returns the date as an integer in ID in the format yymmdd and as small integers in a common block SLATE/ISL(40) where ISL(1) contains the year. We propose to modify DATIME so that the format remains unchanged but the values become reasonable. For January 1, 2000, it will produce:


This modified version will be available in the 98 release of CERNLIB unless there are valid objections. However, users should check now how their applications are using DATIME and that subsequent treatment of the date will still be valid.