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The IT Training Service

  Miguel Marquina and Raul Ramos-Pollan, IT/User Support

IT Division has organized open Information Technology Lecture series since 1995. This activity started as one spin-off of the User Migration Task Force, and was targeted mainly to users who had to migrate from CERNVM or any other platform to UNIX. The main goal at the time was to provide potential users of the Central UNIX Services provided by IT Division (Experiment-dedicated Work Group Servers, general PLUS Servers and individual workstations running the recommended HEP UNIX environment) the possibility to acquire enough knowledge for their everyday work.

Although CERNVM is since gone, the background motivation to help the User Community in using and taking full advantage of the various IT Computing Services prevails. For this very same reason the organization of Training Tutorials is being continued and has been adopted as one of the leading activities undertaken by the User Support staff at IT.

The Computing Tutorials organized last year proved to be successful and appreciated by users, addressing not only aspects associated to the migration of users to new platforms/working environments as offered by IT, but also training of a generic nature which complements and in no way invalidates the offerings of the Technical Training Service.

This year we have concentrated so far on two main lines: the PC environment and programming lectures on modern languages (e.g. C++, Java, Perl), although we have continued our UNIX series.

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback in our to make of this a valuable activity. This would be very helpful for us if you can take a few minutes to fill in our questionnaire at URL:

or send directly your comments at

Do not hesitate to contact us also if you feel like sharing your knowledge with other people and would like to join our efforts by becoming one of our Trainers!

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