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Extensions to the Weekly Accounting Reports

  Attila Koppanyi IT/User Support

The Web-based weekly accounting reports have been extended to show the evolution of user accounts on each of the division's services. In addition to the already accounted login identifiers using a service, and the corresponding cpu time, the newly registered, deleted and total ids are also going to be shown for the given week. This will provide an additional measure in the evaluation of the activity and evolution of a service.

An extension has also been made in the area of statistics on the electronic mail service, by reporting on the distribution of the physical addresses across the major mail server nodes.

Both extensions of the report may be displayed graphically as well by clicking on the Java applets, provided your browser is Java-enabled (Netscape 3 and above recommended).

The usefulness of this information will grow with the accumulation of data, which has just began.

You are invited to browse through these reports which can be found at URL:

Besides summaries, you will also find detailed information on individual services down to individual user level in most cases. For the interactive services you will also find information such as your group's user activity in prime time, number of distinct users per week, etc.