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Cernlib on Windows NT/95

  Ian Mclaren IT/ASD

The Windows NT/95 Cernlib 98 can be obtained in the usual way from our ftp server and from the "Physics" item on the NICE start menu at CERN. There is a README in both these locations giving details of the Digital Visual Fortran and Microsoft C options that were used. On the NICE start menu there are options to execute PAWNT and to set the environment for Fortran applications that use Cernlib.

The most convenient way to access the libraries is by having a Developer Studio project that includes them in the project/settings/link dialog box. In addition, there are help menu links to the Digital Fortran manuals, the "Programmer's Guide" being particularly useful on linking procedures.

For information on distribution, pricing and other details of DIGITAL Visual Fortran Standard Edition V5.0 go to the Digital Fortran WEB site (

PAW on NT is called pawnt.exe and is identical in functionality to pawX11 on Unix. There are no plans to make Paw++ as Motif is not available. On Windows 95 the HOME environment variable has to be set by issuing the command (or putting it in your autoexec.bat file):
 set HOME=c:\tmp