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Sun WorkShop University Edition 3.0

  Ignacio Reguero IT/DIS

Please note that the latest version of the full Sun Development environment for Solaris SPARC systems is available on the CERN site. The name of the academic product bundle that we are using is "Sun WorkShop University Edition 3.0". It includes the following products:

  Sun WorkShop Compiler C 4.2
  Sun WorkShop Compiler C++ 4.2
  Sun WorkShop Compiler FORTRAN 77 4.2
  Sun WorkShop Compiler Fortran 90 1.2
  Sun WorkShop Compiler Pascal 4.2
  Sun WorkShop Tools.h++ 7.0
  Sun WorkShop Tools.h++ 6.0.4
  Sun WorkShop Visual 2.0
  Sun WorkShop IPE 4.0
  Sun WorkShop CodeManager 2.0
  Sun WorkShop Distributed Make 2.0
  Sun WorkShop FileMerge 3.0
  Sun WorkShop FreezePoint 2.0
  Sun WorkShop Maketool 2.0
  Sun WorkShop VersionTool 2.0
  Sun WorkShop Dbx 4.0
  Sun Performance Library 1.2
  Sun WorkShop Performance Analyzer 4.0
  Sun WorkShop LoopTool 2.1
  Sun WorkShop LockLint 2.1
  Sun WorkShop Thread Analyzer 1.2
  Sun WorkShop XEmacs 20.00

Because of the new packaging, licenses are available for a much larger number of tools than in the previous versions, more specifically we have now the license for the complete Sun WorkShop tool set. The documentation is now provided in HTML format so that you can access the manuals in AFS in the URL that follows:


Some migration notes and last minute issues can be found both in PostScript and plain text in the following directory:


For the detailed CERN installation and licensing instructions please check out the "CERN Solaris Installation Guide", at URL:


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