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Questions and Answers from the UCO

A more complete collection of Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our Web page at URL:


Is there a version of PAW for Macintoshes (OS_7.0 or later)?

This is one of the most frequently asked question on PAW! The answer is:

There is no version of PAW directly made for the Macintosh, but it is possible to run PAW on a remote host and display the PAW graphics window on a MacIntosh.

This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. With an X11 emulator (like macX) on the MacIntosh and the X11 version of PAW running on the host. More details can be found in the "Guide for the Usage of X Window at CERN" .
  2. With a TELNET emulator using Tektronix 4014/Falco graphics emulation (workstation type 7878).

Let us take this question as an opportunity to remind all PAW users (who still do not know) of the existence of very useful Web pages with the "PAW Frequently Asked Questions" at URL:

On this page, with a "Search for a keyword:" on macintosh, you come directly to the answer to the above question, at URL:


Regarding e-mail with "pine", I find it very convenient to have my INBOX visible both from the PC and from UNIX. Can I have other folders too? At the moment I only see on the PC what I sent from the PC and on UNIX what I sent from UNIX.

Yes, it is possible to have all your folders (not only the INBOX) shared. That is, resident on the MailServer rather than on the service from which you send mail.

Let us assume that your mail loginid is "smith". This is what you have to do on BOTH sides from "pine":

From this moment on you will use only "remote" folders, and it will tell you so when browsing through them, with the text "Default for Saves(Remote)"

If you want to still see the "local" folders you created up to now, define "folder-collections" to be: {}mail/[],mail/[] so the default will be the remote ones but you will see also the local ones.

Also notice that the collection of "sent mail" is called by default "sent-mail" on UNIX and "savemail" on PC. To make them match you might want to change the option "default-fcc" on one of the sides.


Does there exist on RSPLUS a command similar to lltail on CERNSP?

N.B. When I try to run lltail on RSPLUS I get:

sh: /usr/lpp/ssp/kerberos/bin/klist:  not found
Please enter your password
sh: /usr/lpp/ssp/kerberos/bin/kinit:  not found


This difference in the Public Batch service is linked to the migration from CERNSP to RSPLUS which took place at the beginning of the week (2nd March 1998).

This was explained in the news item announcing the change (Subject: New Public Login Service to replace CERNSP: Please Test, Date: 11 Feb 98 16:12:38 GMT) in the following section:

"There is one difference which may affect users submitting jobs to the
Public Batch service. Although it is possible to submit jobs (with the
usual LoadLeveler commands such as llsubmit or xloadl), it is not possible
to use commands such as llls or llpwd."
This is also explained in the article "The Public Batch Service: An Upgrade and the Migration to LSF" in this CNL.

If people really need to use these commands (LoadLeveler commands such as llsubmit, lltail or xloadl) they need to log into "sp2pub" (instead of "cernsp" or "rsplus").

The administrators of RSPLUS are still doing tests to see if they can publicise an LSF command that is the equivalent of llmore/lltail.

NICE (Jason Oh IT/User Support)

NICE (NICE-95 and NICE-NT) provides an integrated environment for all the PC users at CERN, where all applications are centrally supported, installed, and managed. It is the standard environment at CERN for Windows 95 (NICE-95) and Windows NT (NICE-NT).

Below is a selection of questions that have been asked at the UCO or have arisen from the NICE working group. More questions (with answers) regarding NICE95 can be obtained via URL:

How do I change my NICE-NT (Windows NT) password?

From Windows NT a feature is provided to change your password and allow synchronisation between your Novell (NICE95 or Windows 95) and NT password (both passwords will be changed to the new value).

The recommended procedure is as follows:

  • on logging into NT type press CTRL-ALT-DEL all at once: this will invoke the security console,
  • Press the "Change password" button,
  • key in your current NT password and select a new one, which you will have to key in twice (for check),
  • next click on OK; after a pause another window will appear giving the option to change your Novell (NICE95 / NDS tree) password to the same value.
  • Attention: Make sure ONLY CERN domain is selected and press OK. This will now have changed and synchronised both passwords.

    Please Note: Your newly chosen password must be a completely new password that you have never used before on Novell or NT.


    I need more space on NICE/NOVELL.

    You can phone the UCO Help Desk (74952): they can give you 10 MBytes extra-space (i.e. 10 MB more than your actual needs). If you need a lot more disk space (e.g. 100 Mb) then you must contact your "NICE Divisional Representative". The list is given in the "If you need Help" page of this CNL, or at URL:


    How can I stop a CD from auto launching when I put it into the CD drive?


    This can be temporarily prevented by holding the shift key down. To make this feature permanent from Windows 95 select from

    Start - Settings - Control Panel - System
    Select device manager tab and double click on CD ROM. Then:

    From NT unfortunately the registry has to be edited: launch regedt32 and change the following value to


    Autorun REG_DWORD: the default value is 1, change this value to 0

    (Note: paradoxically Microsoft do not recommend manual editing of the registry - It can seriously affect the health of your PC)


    Is there a 32 bit FTP client available on NICE which will allow the transfer of files that exceed the 8.3 filename constraint?


    Yes, the 32 bit FTP client located in

    Start - More Applications - Exceed X-Terminal - Exceed Applications - FTP Client
    provides this and other added functionality.


    Is there any documentation available regarding use of mail clients on a PC?


    The "CERN Electronic Mail Guide for PC users " fully documents the IMAP clients which are available for users to connect to the CERN mail server. The recommended mail agents are Netscape Communicator 4.04 and PC PINE 3.96. The Guide can be obtained from the UCO (513 R-052) or online from URLs: (English), or, (French).


    How can I "cut, copy and paste" between the UNIX and the NICE environment when using Exceed?


    - To copy something from the PC to the UNIX: -

    Select and copy/cut whatever text you want on the PC side,

    On the "Exceed" toolbar click on "Paste Clipboard to X selection" or...

    ...Right click on the "Exceed" icon of the Windows95 taskbar (the one which has the "Start" button) and in the menu that appears select:

    Edit -> Paste to X Selection -> From Clipboard

    Now, on the UNIX environment (inside Exceed), at the appropriate location, middle click on the mouse to paste the selection where the mouse is.
    Note: some mice are configured so that the middle button is simulated by pressing the right and left buttons at the same time.


    - To copy something from the UNIX to the PC: -

    Select whatever text you want from the UNIX side (within Exceed),

    On "Exceed" toolbar click on "Copy X Selection to Clipboard" or ...

    ...Right click on the "Exceed" icon of the Windows95 taskbar and in the menu that appears select:

    Edit -> Copy X Selection -> To Clipboard

    Now, you can paste in the PC application that you want. Note that in order to paste, applications usually have an "edit" menu; if not, by right clicking on where you want to paste, you will launch an edit menu displaying the paste option.


    I cannot find Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 on NICE servers. This is a free product, isn't it?


    Yes, this is a free product. Currently it is not certified for the NICE environment. It is strongly advised not to install IE 4.0 for there are some DLL conflicts with the NICE environment. Development is in progress to overcome this problem, but for the time being it is not officially available through NICE.

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