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New ASIS Mailing Lists

  Lionel Cons IT/DIS

We have now created some mailing lists linked to important ASIS products. The first lists are:

The full name of each list is "asis-<product>", for instance "". To subscribe, simply use the Listbox service as documented at URL:

These lists are intended to discuss freely and exchange information about these important ASIS products. All changes in ASIS concerning these products (new version available for tests, migration planed, new relevant products, etc.) will be sent to the appropriate list(s). We expect that advanced users of these products will subscribe and that they will help to share expertise inside CERN. Note that these are not "support lists": there is no guarantee that someone on the list will be able to answer questions or solve problems. However, the relevant ASIS product maintainers will be on the lists.

You can browse through the HTML archives of these lists at URL:<product>/
(For instance:

If needed, we can create other lists for other ASIS products. Send your suggestion at