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Replacement of the CS2-PIAF Service

  Dino Ferrero-Merlino IT/ASD

COCOTIME has decided to allocate the entire CS2 computer to the NA48 experiment. Thus, the CS2-based PIAF service must be migrated to another machine by the beginning of April in time for the NA48 startup.

A new machine, a 4-processors Sun 450 system with 1 GB of main memory and 170 GB of disk space, has been acquired and will be dedicated to the PIAF service. Its characteristics are such that there should be an improved service compared to that provided by the current 8 CS2 nodes. The fact that the basic operating system and CPU family remain unchanged means that one can expect a smooth transition both from the user side and our side. The results of our tests so far are consistent with this optimistic view.

In consultation with major PIAF users the final migration date has been chosen to be April 2, after the main spring conferences and the LEPC.

We will try to accomplish user migration in one step: the old service will be stopped on April 1 for approximately two days, during which data will be transferred to the new system. The new system should be available for the first test users (whom we will contact directly) at the beginning of March.

Details about the migration will be given in the PIAF 'message-of-the-day' as well as in our Web page, at URL: