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Pine Now Available on VXCERN

  Tami Kramer EP/LE

Pine is a simple screen-based mail and news program which runs on several platforms. At CERN it is available on Unix, NICE and now VXCERN. Working in conjunction with an IMAP server, it allows users to attach to two or more mailboxes in the same session, and move mail folders between them. Pine has been installed on VXCERN to aid VMS mail users in migration to the MailServer.

Some documentation on using Pine can be found at URL:

although the program is pretty much self-contained.

Configuring Pine

In order to use Pine you have customize it with your your personal information, such that you can view both your VMS Mail mailbox and your MailServer mailbox from the same interface. This will allow you to move folders to the MailServer, preserving the integrity of your mail messages. This procedure is meant as a migration tool, rather than a standard way of reading your mail. You will be prompted for your MailServer username and password when you attempt to open your MailServer mailbox.

The initial recommended setup is achieved by executing the command PINESETUP, which will:

Your VMS mail is assumed to be in the directory SYS$LOGIN:[MAIL], but you can change it through PINE via the command sequence:

M (for Main Menu)
S (for Setup)
C (for Configuration)
then find the "VMS Folders" definition in the "folder-collections" option:
   folder-collections  = Mail Server Folders {}mail/[]
                         VMS Folders ~/mail/[]
The file syntax is UNIX (as this is a VMS port of a UNIX application). If you change it to:
   VMS Folders ~/[]    or,
   VMS Folders ~/anotherdir/[]
you will access instead all mail folders in the MAIL.MAI file in your VMS home directory or SYS$LOGIN:[ANOTHERDIR] respectively.

If all goes fine, your initial setup would look like this:

   personal-name          = <No Value Set: using ... >
   user-domain            = <No Value Set>
   smtp-server            = <Value is Fixed: using>
   nntp-server            =
   inbox-path             = inbox
   news-collections       = <No Value Set: using *{}[]>
   folder-collections     = Mail Server Folders {}mail/[]
                            VMS Folders ~/mail/[]
You may modify it at any time using the relevant Pine commands for configuration.

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