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Books on MicroSoft Office

The COBS Review Series

  Roger Woolnough IT/User Support

This is the second in a series of articles where we intend to make a brief assessment on the books offered at the CERN COBS Service (COmputing Books Selling Service). This time we have selected our offerings on MicroSoft Office (or MS Office).

Note that the list of books proposed may evolve in time according to the needs (e.g. new editions, new software or product versions, etc.) and to user feedback.

At the date of publication of this CNL (June 1998), the list of books proposed in the category MS.Office is:

  1. Microsoft WORD 97 Step by Step Microsoft   -  [T/B]
  2. Microsoft EXCEL 97 Step by Step Microsoft   -  [T/B]
  3. Microsoft ACCESS 97 Step by Step Microsoft   -  [T/B]
  4. Microsoft POWERPOINT 97 Step by Step Microsoft   -  [T/B]
  5. Microsoft FrontPage 98 Step by Step Microsoft   -  [T/B]
  6. Word 97 Comment Faire Simon,Schuster,Macmillan   -  [T/B]
  7. Excel 97 Comment Faire Simon,Schuster,Macmillan   -  [T/B]
  8. Access 97 Comment Faire Simon,Schuster,Macmillan   -  [T/B]
  9. Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step Advanced Topics Microsoft   -  [T/A]
  10. Running Microsoft WORD 97 Microsoft   -  [R]
  11. Running Microsoft EXCEL 97 Dodge,Kinata,Stinson   -  [R]
  12. Running Microsoft ACCESS 97 Microsoft   -  [R]
  13. Running Microsoft POWERPOINT 97 Sagman   -  [R]
  14. Running Microsoft FrontPage 98 Microsoft   -  [R]
  15. Word 97 Bible Heslop,Engell   -  [T/A]
  16. Excel 97 Bible Walkenbach   -  [T/A]
  17. Office 97 Bible Jones,Sutton   -  [T/A]
  18. Word 97 Annoyances Leonhard,Hudspeth,Lee   -  [S]
  19. Using Project 98 Pyron   -  [T/B]
  20. CorelDraw 6 Unleashed Coburn,Gonzalez,McCormik   -  [B/R]
  21. Media Guide Micrografx   -  [R]
[B] Beginners   -   [A] Advanced   -   [T] Tutorial   -   [R] Reference Guide   -   [S] Specialized

A first general guideline to all these books is:


Microsoft `Step by Step' series for Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Frontpage 98

(~300 pages + diskette / Easy to follow tutorial for beginners)
This is the Microsoft self study kit for beginners. It is also useful for established users to learn new topics. You can learn at your own pace and whatever section interests you most may be selected individually. An ideal book to learn the subject with the `Running' volume as a reference.

La série `Comment Faire' pour Word, Excel et Access

(~350 pages / Cours pour debutants )
Cette série a connu beaucoup de succès au CERN. Ce sont des livres permettant de trouver des solutions aux besoins quotidiens. Très faciles à lire, ils contiennent de nombreuses images commentées de "captures d'écran". Ce sont des livres "simples et efficaces".

Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step Advanced Topics

(~300 pages / Tutorial for advanced Word users)
This book is ideal for well versed Word users to improve their skills still more. It contains methods of set-up and charts, merging documents,using forms and macros to make templates, how to make master documents for group projects and create WWW documents. If you think you already know quite a bit about Word 97 this will teach you more.

Microsoft `Running' series for Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Frontpage 98

2nd Edition.
(~900 pages + CD-ROM / Good desktop reference book)
This is the Microsoft Reference edition for office utilities. Each book comes with a CD ROM full of must-have extras and examples. There is also a quick-reference tear-out card with each book. Indexes are well cross-referenced which ensures that finding keywords is quite straight-forward. Aimed at the user who wants to do just a little bit more than what he can obtain from the `Step by Step' guide.

IDG `Bible' series for Word, Excel and Office 97

(~900 pages / In depth reference and tutorial)
This is the book you need to make yourself a guru. It starts in a tutorial fashion and builds on that knowledge so the reader can get as much, or as little as he requires. This is the series recommended by the tutorial teachers at CERN. Beginners can use this book but it is principally stocked for advanced users.

Word 97 Annoyances (published by O'Reilly)

(~340 pages / a book on changing built-in features of Word )
This is rather a specialised book but written in a very user-friendly fashion. It points out lots of interesting methods of making this utility work how you would like it to and not someone from Microsoft. It is one of the more pleasant computer books written with both humour and skill.

Using Project 98

(~1000 pages / beginners guide to in-depth reference )
This book is a complete reference for Project 98. The features of the utility are described firstly in a tutorial style and the later pages can be used for reference. This book can also be used with the Macmillan web site to get updates and a complete field dictionary. For beginner and expert alike this book has all you will need to learn the tool.

CorelDRAW 6 Unleashed

(~1300 pages + CD-ROM / Everything you need to know about CorelDRAW 6)
This is all you need to know for CorelDRAW 6 with a CD-ROM that includes all sorts of extra photos and graphics and all sorts of goodies. This is a typical books from SAMS crammed full with all sorts of information. Again the introduction is by way of a tutorial for various skills and then there is a huge reference volume.

Micrografx Graphics Suite / User and Media Guide

(~500 pages / The official guide)
This is the official user guide for the Graphics Suite of Microsoft. It also includes a media guide full of pictures which is maybe less interesting but it is the official guide and the two books are bound together !

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