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Merging of the Computer Science Library Collections into the Central Library

  Harry Renshall IT/PDP

For many years the IT division (starting when it was called DD) has maintained a sub-library, the Computer Science Library (CSL), in the Computer Centre, building 513. This library was established essentially for the specialised needs of the divisional staff in the days before the World Wide Web and online documentation, and contains a broad spectrum of books and journals related to computing. For some time it has been apparent that the main users of the library have been the general CERN population rather than members of the division and, following the recent space extensions to the Central Library, it has been decided to merge the collections into the Central Library.

The CSL has been excellently maintained over the years by our librarian, Jutta Megies, as a full sub-library with all books and journals properly catalogued and the only work required to merge the collections is the physical movement and attaching a magnetic security stripe to some of the older books in the collection. The move is planned during the month of October after which the CSL will be closed. There is no need for existing borrowers to take any special action except that after the closure books should be returned to the Central Library. We will reroute any sent via internal mail.

The division will retain a reading room for its own purposes and will continue to provide the Computing book sales (through the COBS Service) and CERN internal Computing documentation (e.g. CERN writeups) through the User Support group.