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Updates to the UCO Book Catalogue

  Roger Woolnough IT/User Support

Since the last CNL we have received the following books:

  1. Pattern Hatching
  2. Network Resource Tools
  3. C++ Interactive Training course
  4. C++ Solutions
We have also received new editions of the following books:
  1. C++ Primer
  2. Using HTML 4
  3. Teach yourself Java 1.2 in 21 days
  4. HTML the Definitive Guide

The guide for HTML 4 replaces the "Using" guide we had in stock for version 3; similarly, the "Java in 21 days" is the updated version. The new book on "Pattern Hatching" is a follow on for those who have used "Design Patterns". The "Network Resource Tools" book is the latest from the TERENA co-operation and is a good beginner's guide to networks. The "C++ Solutions" book is the sister book to Stroustrup and with this book one could render the "C++ Programming Language" a much easier book to understand. (N.B. I give here impressions from the publisher as we have not yet see the title!)

If the summer is always a relatively quiet time for editors, the autumn becomes much busier, hence the list of new products below that we are expecting. For those who follow the book industry closely, the latest hot news is the series of take-overs by the Pearson Group over the past months. Pearson (Addison Wesley Longman) have recently bought Prentice Hall, Markt & Technik and also Academic Press, as well as Penguin Books. It is not clear how this will affect customers, but it will certainly be more efficient. In the next CNL we will explain the outcome of this huge merger. On a smaller scale, International Thomson has been bought but remains a separate entity. For CERN deliveries, one important step is that as of 1999, O'Reilly Germany will take care of their own distribution (this was previously done by International Thomson): again we hope for an improvement in efficiency for the deliveries.

New books that will arrive in the coming weeks are :

  1. Using FrontPage 98
  2. Using Access 97
  3. Using Office 97
  4. Unix Network Programming, Vol. 2
  5. Thinking in Java

The "Using" titles are merely updates of older titles that we dropped: these have now been fully updated and give users a choice from the Microsoft book we stock. We expect the second volume of the Stevens book on "Network Programming" in mid-October.

For Linux users we are informed by the IT/DIS group that the CERN Linux CDs for RedHat 5.1 should be available by end-October.

As well as listing new books we think it is important to show that we try to maintain the most up-to-date titles useful to CERN users. Thus, we will print in this article a list of the titles we have suppressed since the last CNL. We send back titles that become out-dated or have passed usefulness. Titles which have been suppressed are:

  1. Oracle The Complete Reference
  2. NetWare 4.1
  3. Introduction to C++ for Engineers
  4. MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists
  5. Object Oriented Software Construction
  6. Java How To Program (2nd edition)
  7. The Mother of all Windows 95
  8. Mathematica Scientists Engineers
  9. Applied Mathematica Getting Started
  10. The Design Implementation 4.4 BSD
  11. Mathematica in the Laboratory
  12. Beginners Guide to Mathematica
  13. Using Microsoft Powerpoint 97
  14. Windows NT/95 for Unix Professional
  15. Migrating to Windows NT
  16. Applying RCS and SCCS
  17. Building Internet Firewalls
  18. Learning the Bash Shell (second edition)
  19. MS Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  20. Microsoft Internet Information Server
  21. Doctor Linux the Complete Reference
  22. Windows NT 4
  23. Access 97 comment faire

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