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Computer Space Management Policy

  Nicole Crémel, Miguel Marquina and Roger Woolnough IT/User Support

In order to get more disk space users should normally contact their group or space administrators (on UNIX central machines), or their divisional representative (on NICE) - as explained later in the section "User Space Contact-Persons". However, to help out people who have an urgent need and who do not know whom to contact (or cannot wait for them), users can contact the UCO Help Desk. We explain in this article the precise policy to be adopted by the UCO regarding space management requests.

Managing User Space at the Help Desk

The UCO Help Desk has recently been authorised to grant space for all Computing Groups on both the AFS and Mail Server services. As the UCO already had the possibility to grant user space on NICE (PCs), this completes the coverage of all major central services.

When the Help Desk receives a user request to give more space on a service, the staff on duty may:

The latter two steps will be taken when a user request is received for a quota exceeding that of the UCO limits.

User Space Contact-Persons (or Administrators)

Service-wise we remind all users that the contacts for space extension requests are:

How to know whom to contact?

Note: The "Group Administrators" are the same persons who can create computer accounts (or login). The command to be used for changing quota on the UNIX services (AFS or MAILSERV) is "xspaceadm". On NICE this command is located at the same place as "xuserreg" (used for account creation).


Background Strategy Guidelines

Our overall priority with interventions dealt with by the Help Desk is the simplification of rules and actions to be followed. Since the Help Desk can already - since sometime - extend in 10Mb chunks the NICE (PCs) space, the present statement extends this ability to the other two major central services, AFS and MAIL. The self-limitation in the amount of space granted is to avoid entering into conflict with each group's space policy.

The following is a reminder of the strategy behind the actions taken by the Help Desk, adapted to the space allocation:

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