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Year 2000 Patches for OpenVMS available on VXCERN

  Tami Kramer IT/DIS

Notice: VMS System Managers at CERN are strongly encouraged to install the patches for the Year 2000 such that OpenVMS and layered products will continue to function properly into the year 2000.

These patches for OpenVMS 7.1, 6.2 and 5.5-2 are available in the directory:


     VAXSHAD09_U2055 and VAXY2K01_U2055 for VMS 5.5-2
          (need BOTH, must install VAXSHAD09 FIRST!)

     VAXY2K02_062 and ALPY2K02_062  for VMS 6.2,
                     Vax and AXP respectively

     VAXY2K01_071 and ALPY2K01_071  for VMS 7.1,
                     Vax and AXP respectively
Patches for DecWindows/Motif are in:
Descriptions of patches can be found at: