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Letter from the Editor

As you will see, the layout of this NewsLetter has changed a little. I just want to emphasize the "See printing version" link that you will see for each article (top-left), which, by clicking on it, gives access to the same article specially formatted for better printing (with smaller fonts and no header). However, please note that this layout is probably not the definitive one, and the idea in the near future is to converge to a kind of "standard layout" for all of the most "visible" IT Web pages.

I would like to draw your attention as well to the renaming of the chapter "Informatics Training" to something more general: "The Learning Zone". The idea is to group in this section all kinds of computing issues which are not necessarily directly CERN-related, such as computing news from the Press and tutorials on various subjects.

You will find in this CNL issue, amongst many other interesting subjects, a detailed article on the "Year 2000 problem" (also known as the "millennium bug" or "Y2K bug"). Just in case you do not feel concerned by this issue, I invite you to take a look at the following picture, at URL:

(Original taken from:

However, at this time of the year, the most important message is to wish you a:



Happy New Year !

I hope you enjoy the reading all of this NewsLetter no 233,

Nicole Crémel
CNL editor, IT/User Support

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