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Questions and Answers from the Computing Help Desk

This chapter is a collection of Questions & Answers that have been treated by the
Computing Help Desk (UCO) managed by the User Support group.

Some PC "Tips"

  Hannes Schwarzbauer IT/User Support

Question   -   Windows Password
How can I avoid the Windows password prompt?

Answer   -   You must delete the 'userid'.pwl file in your c:\w95 directory. Then logout and login again. Blank out all entries at the (now last) windows password prompt and hit 'Cancel'. At next login time, you will not be prompted for this password anymore (but only for the "NICE password".

Question   -   PC Installation
I got a new PC and would need some information for its installation.

Answer   -   Look at the "Delivery Of a New PC" Web page provided by the PCDesktop team at URL:

Question   -   PC Fortran Compiler
I cannot find the Fortran Compiler on my PC.

Answer   -   On NICE the Fortran compiler is accessible from the menu "Software Engineering" :

 Start / Software Engineering / Development / Fortran

If this menu is not visible for your login then you can add it by loading the "CERN Setting" window:

 Start / Settings / Control Panel / CERN Setting
then select "Start Menu", and "Software Engineering".

Question   -   Accented characters on a PC with Exceed
Is it possible to type accented characters on a PC when using Exceed?

N.B. User can do it with telnet (to RSPLUS) from his PC (using 'e to compose an e accent aigue), but it does not work when he connects to RSPLUS with Hummingbird Exceed.

Answer   -   The problem is not related to the Exceed emulator but to UNIX and X-Windows. Exceed has its own keyboard mapping (X protocol). Therefore, you are not using the Windows keyboard settings and you have the same problem as when using an X terminal connected to a UNIX workstation. Please note that handling accented characters in this environment is complex to manage from an international keyboard.

One solution, but this probably works only with some keyboards which allows you to type such special characters (e.g. suisse keyboard allowing both german and french special characters) is the following:

This solution might also be system-dependent (the solution may work for HPPLUS but not for RSPLUS).If your keyboard is not allowing you to do this then you should contact the PC shop to see what solution they can propose.

Another solution, which is a little "tricky" but independent of the system, it to do a "cut and paste" for all these special characters from the table given by the program "ascii-table" available through ASIS in /usr/local/bin (just type the command "ascii-table" on any UNIX central system).

N.B. using "telnet" from the PC opens a "Microsoft" window local to the PC that may be capable to handle accents. By using Exceed you open an "xterm" window (X11 protocol).

Some Unix "Tips"

Nicole Crémel and Roger Woolnough IT/user Support

Question   -   Mail Server password from Unix/AFS accounts
I have accounts on different AFS-based machines (e.g. RSPLUS and TH_WGS). When I log on TH_WGS and want to read my mail (from the MAIL server) I must provide a password. Which password is it? Can I suppress this password request ?

Answer   -   The password you are asked is the password of the Mail Server machine (MAILSERV). If you do not know (or cannot remember) this password you can ask the UCO Helpdesk (78888) to reset it to a new value.

Please note that it is possible to register any machine (e.g. TH_WGS) so that you will not be asked anymore to provide this password. This can be done by yourself, with the tool "xuserinfo".

On a UNIX central machine (e.g. RSPLUS) just type the command "xuserinfo" and then:

However please note that this "pre-authentification" cannot be done for an account with an id different from the one you have on the mail server.

Question   -   Set font with Exceed
I have a PC on NICE, and use Exceed to work on UNIX; when I open a new "xterm" (simply calling 'xterm') a new window opens, with large fonts. How can I set the default font to be 'small', i.e. obtain the same result as when I type 'xterm -fn fixed'?

Answer   -   This is well explained in an article in CNL 223 ("Changing X Fonts"):

 You have 2 possibilities:
  • add a line in your X-windows resource file (.Xdefault or ~/.hepix/xresources if you use the HEPiX X11 scripts).
     XTerm*Font: fixed
  • or call "xterm" with the option "-fn": if you are using the tcsh then in .tcshrc you can set an alias like this:
     alias xterm 'xterm -fn fixed'

Some DeskTop Publishing "Tips"

Andreas Wagner IT/User Support

Question   -   Fancy headings for my LaTeX files

Answer   -   The author of fancyheadings.sty (Piet van Oostrum) decided to rename his package to fancyhdr.sty for reasons of MS-DOS compatibility, and he asked all maintainers of LaTeX installations to delete the old version.

Question   -   Include a bitmap image into a LaTeX document
How can I include a bitmap image (e.g. gif) into my LaTeX document ?

Answer   -   Convert it first to an .eps or .ps file !

On unix, use the routine 'convert', e.g.:

convert lorem.gif lorem.eps
Then - in Latex - use '\includegraphics'

NB: To get a list of image formats recognized by convert type:

convert -h

Question   -   Edit PostScript files
Is it possible to edit PostScript files ? Are there any applications (either on Unix or Windows) that allow to edit PS files ?

Answer   -   Publicly available at CERN you'll find the following possibilities:


Collected by the IT/User Support Team

Question   -   STL Access
How can one access the Standard Template Libraries (STL) for C++ on the CERN central systems?

Answer   -   A link to the Object Space STL documentation can be found on: 
under "Standard C++ Libraries": ObjectSpace implementation

Question   -   Netscape Plug-ins
How can I find out which Netscape Plug-ins are installed?

Answer   -   On either UNIX or PC, in Netscape select:

Help -> About Plug-ins

This will give you a list and description of installed Plug-ins.

Question   -   Autocad and Backing Store
Running Autocad on my alpha workstation I get the following error:

 Autocad is only supported when running under AIXWindows
 with the Backing Store feature enabled. Exit AIXWindows
 and restart the X server by typing "xinit -- -bs".

Answer   -   This is not an error message but a warning. It should not prevent Autocad from working unless your workstation is equipped with a 24 bits graphics.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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