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AFS Client for NT "easy-install" now available on NICE

  Tami Kramer IT/DIS

An easily installable AFS Client for NT (only) is now available on NICE in:

More Applications/System Configuration/AFS Client for NT
Also in this menu - Documentation on "How to Proceed"

This software allows users to access their AFS home directory and files stored on AFS from NT Desktops.

The installation is performed in two steps. The actual installation must be run from a Local Administrator account, the PC must then be rebooted and the second part - the configuration of the client - should be performed by the user.

In both steps, there is a very simple dialog - defaults and recommendations are offered. More details can be found in the documentation in the Start Menu.

If the user wishes to run applications from the AFS Nice mirror, there are a few known problems which are described in
These represent the problems which have been reported to Transarc. Note that this configuration has not been through the extensive certification program similar to what is done by IT Division for Unix o/s, therefore not all applications have been thoroughly tested.

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