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Operating Systems Availability on ASIS

  Philippe Defert IT/DIS

The status with the ASIS application software repository is presently as follows:

A platform is declared "frozen" when all applications are kept in the repository but no new package or version of a package is ever introduced in the repository for this architecture.

A platform is declared "partial" when only a part of the applications is generated for this particular O.S.. Getting access to ASIS applications is to be done with the appropriate tools which will give you some application of this particular platform and the rest from the closest O.S., called the "fail-over".


Deletion of frozen platforms on the ASIS NFS server

In order to free some space on the almost saturated ASIS NFS repository ( or, we have been analysing which frozen platforms are not being accessed any longer via the standard ASIS tools on this server.

They are the following:

DEC Ultrix 4.3 (pmax_ul43)
SunOS 4.1      (sun4c_411)
SGI 4000       (sgi4000_52)
Please contact the ASIS Support team ( if you are accessing the NFS repository for one of those platforms in some other way (i.e. using plain NFS mounts).

If no objection are received, the deletion has been scheduled for January 25th, 1999.

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