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CSF: A New Lease of Life

  Claudia Bondila EP/LE and Vincent Doré IT/PDP

CSF, the Central Simulation Facility, started in 1991 as a service for compute intensive jobs with low I/O requirements. It was designed around clusters of HP 735 workstations with NQS (Network Queueing System) as the batch system. The addition of HP712 workstations in 1996 doubled the CPU capacity but the configuration has been unchanged since then.

Although the CSF service has been very reliable, there are a number of problems with the configuration today. These include

We are therefore taking advantage of the HPPLUS upgrade to move towards a new CSF service which is better integrated with today's batch and interactive services. The new CSF service will offer

One new CSF node is already available for test and more will be introduced in the coming weeks. The two systems will run in parallel until Easter 1999, at which point the current CSF service will stop. CSF users who would like to make early use of the LSF based service should send an E-mail to

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