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IT Tutorial Programme for 1999

  Miguel Marquina and Raul Ramos-Pollan IT/User Support

The Tutorial Program organized by IT Division aims at providing topical seminars and tutorials concerning the computing services and infrastructure offered to users. Most of the topics refer to the central computing facilities, but there are also some addressed in collaboration with other Divisions (notably AS). Allow us to express our sincere thanks to everybody collaborating in this initiative.

Tutorials usually last for one hour or two and attendance is open without requiring formal registration. In order to cover the diversity of user needs we try to organise a wide variety of topics, ranging from basic introductions to technical overviews. This approach has had a wide acceptance as attendance statistics show (about 3000 attendants since June 1997).

In coordination with the corresponding teams we have outlined the main areas and topics to be addressed during 1999. Please check the bulletin regularly for specific dates and contents.

As usual, feel free to give us your feedback at Also, you might want to take advantage of the logistics we have put in place to share your knowledge with other users. We only ask that the topics remain in a field compatible with our service guidelines.






For matters related to this article please contact the author.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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