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News from the User Support Bookshop

  Roger Woolnough IT/User Support

Users of our bookshop will have noticed a few changes recently! We have moved from the UCO in order to improve both the availability of staff for UCO matters and convenience for the shop. The whole move co-incides with the closure of the Computer Science Library (and its move to the Central Library: see the article "Merging of the Computer Science Library Collections into the Central Library" in CNL 232), and the complete outsourcing of the UCO.

As of the start of November Mme. Jutta Megies now looks after the day to day running of the bookshop which is relocated in 513 1-022. Opening is daily from 8.30 - 12.30 and as usual we may be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone on 74050. We would appreciate any comments on the new arrangement to our e-mail address.

Since the last CNL we have received a number of new books:

  1. UNIX Network Programming Vol 2: This is the second volume of the book written by Stevens that has proved very popular. The new volume expands considerably the IPC coverage as well as covering implementations of Posix memory queues, read-write locks and semaphores. Also covered is the measurement of IPC performance.

  2. Large Scale C++ Software Design: The title of this book speaks for itself and is one of the few in this specific field. The author explains the process of decomposing large systems into physical (and not inheritance) hierarchies of smaller, more manageable components.

  3. Linux Application Development: Invaluable reference for porting applications from other platforms to Linux, this book guides the Unix programmer in all the tricky tasks of Unix to Linux transition.

  4. Thinking in Java: For beginners and experts alike; this book teaches Java linguistics and not platform dependent mechanics. The book covers aspects of Java 1.2, Swing and the new collections. Advanced topics of this book include network programming, multi-threading, virtual machine performance and connection to non-Java code.

  5. The UML user guide: The ultimate tutorial to UML from the original designers, Booch, Jacobson and Rumbaugh. This book is just published.

  6. Visual Modeling with Rational Rose and UML: This book introduces readers to the three elements that successfully diagram and visualise a software system: a process, a notation and modeling tool.

We have also received new editions of the following titles :

  1. Unix for Open VMS users
  2. Unix in a Nutshell
  3. Javascript

We have recently received from the Linux team in IT the Red Hat 5.1 system CD as well as the ASIS/CERNLIB compatible CD companion. CDs are 25Frs each and available from the bookshop.

The IT section dealing with Labview who recommended the extremely popular "Labview for Everyone" have now asked us to stock two new titles for users wishing to use more advanced features of this utility:

Please remember that we are always interested to hear from users who find books that could be interesting to add to our catalogue. The complete catalogue can be found at

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