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The End of SP2 and SP1 Services

  Pietro Martucci IT/PDP

CERN's 64 node IBM SP2 machine was delivered at the end of 1994 and became the heart of the CERNSP complex. This complex included an IBM SP1 machine and also a cluster of 21 independent IBM PowerPC workstations. The CERNSP complex provided a number of different services:

The introduction of these Unix based services during 1995 enabled us to end the expensive mainframe based VM/CMS services during 1996. However, the arrangements under which the SP2 was purchased came to an end in 1997 and so the SP2 became the expensive system which had to be replaced.

The SP2 machine was extensively reconfigured during the 1997/1998 shutdown and maintenance cover ended for all except the disk and tape server systems. During this year, the user services have been replaced as follows.

These replacement services are all running successfully and we will, therefore, definitively stop all user services on the SP2 and SP1 during the forthcoming annual shutdown. Replacement disk and tape servers are on order and we expect the SP2 system to be shutdown completely by the end of January 1999.

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