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From Windows NT to Windows 2000

  Alberto Di Meglio IT/DIS

(This information was provided by Executive Software,
maker of the Diskeeper disk defragmenter for Windows NT.)

This article is a summary of the announcement by Microsoft that Windows NT 5.0 will be named Windows 2000 - effective immediately.

Along with the announcement of the new name, Microsoft officially announced that Windows NT would be the basis for all future operating system products, and also announced an additional version.

Here are the new names, how they translate to the former names, and a description of the new version:

Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98 are not affected by this change, and will retain their current names.

It was not announced how Microsoft's new 3-tiered computing model will fit with this new scheme, although it's not hard to guess. The new model, addressed at length at the recent Professional Developers Conference, is composed of the Presentation, or user-end tier, the Business Logic tier, at which all actual processing is done, and the Data tier, at which databases reside. It's safe to assume that Windows 2000 Professional will be the operating system at user level, that Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server will be the operating system at the Business Logic tier, and that Windows 2000 Datacenter Server will be the operating system for the Data tier.

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